How to submit a bug

How to submit a bug on Taiga

First of all, be sure the bug you found is reproducible.

If you are unsure about it, you can consider discussing it with other users on Facebook's official group.

Once you are sure about the bug, please go to the official ACPT bug report dashboard.

Please note that you will be required to register to Taiga if you have not yet an account.

If the bug is not present

  • Open a card in the BUGS column

  • Please describe the bug in a simple, plain English, specifying HOW to reproduce the issue

  • Attach one or more screenshots if needed

  • Remember to specify the ACPT version

If the bug is already present

  • Open the card

  • Read the content

  • If you think that you can add something useful, please add your comment. Feel free to attach one or more screenshots if needed

Every bug will be analyzed, labeled, and prioritized. The bug will be moved to the WORKING section, and then to DEPLOYED when a new version is released.

If the bug fix is confirmed, the card will be archived. If not, it will be returned in the loop.

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