How to use ACPT with Divi Visual Builder

ACPT is fully integrated with Divi Visual Builder.

You can use ACPT in TWO ways with Divi:

  1. ACPT meta fields module

  2. Pulling ACPT custom fields as dynamic data through the Text/Image module

When to use which: If you want a quick display of data including custom fields carrying images and preset formatting, use the ACPT block, and then style it with Divi.

If you want to make styling variations separate from what you’ve set for the custom post type, pull the unformatted text or image from custom fields through the Divi Text Module or Divi Image Module dynamic data shortcut, and style it with Divi builder.

For the best experience, first create your custom post type, and meta boxes. Then make a custom post, fill in the data in the fields, and publish it. Edit with Divi builder from the front-end, styling your fields with Divi. Save as a post template in Divi. Now every time you create a custom post of the same type, your fields will be ready with styling in place.

To work correctly with Divi, the custom post type MUST support Editor. If not, Divi Visual Builder cannot be used and ACPT fields will not be shown.

Using the ACPT block

Open up the Divi visual builder, click Insert Row after choosing a row, then click the gray plus button to open the modules’ window.

Once the module window opens, you’ll see the ACPT module colored green and white.

Click on it and select the custom field you want to display from the dropdown list.

You’ll see the list of custom fields you have created and populated with data.

Place the field you want with a click, and save. Then style with Divi.

If you want to increase font size or apply other effects, choose ‘Module text’ from the Design tab of the module block.

(You need to have the text/image or numbers filled in your custom fields at the backend of the custom post for them to show up in the frontend, or put placeholder text in the custom fields.)

ACPT block extra options

In the ACPT block module, on the Content tab, you’ll also find the following extra options when you scroll down: Select Field, Main Options, Specific Settings, And Image And Icon Fields




Select field


Choose the meta field from the list (please they are grouped by box).

Main Options


You can add a suffix, a prefix and/or show the label before the field value.

Specific Settings


This settings are specific for ACPT metas. Please refer to the shortcut documentation for more info.

Image and icon fields value


You can append an icon or an image before or after the meta field value.

Using ACPT as a dynamic data provider

You can also use ACPT as a dynamic data provider.

Add a row.

Click the grey plus icon to open the modules’ window.

Now you can use either the image module to pull image fields or the text module to pull text fields.

Using the Divi image module to pull image field data

Click on the image module, you’ll see a placeholder grey image.

Hover your cursor on the placeholder image and you’ll see three icons, gear, delete, and reset.

(The gear icon will take you directly to the media library.)

Click on the delete icon and delete the placeholder image.

Now, a dynamic database icon will become visible.

Click on the database icon to show you the available custom image fields you created.

Click and save your image data.

Using the Divi text module to pull text field data (unformatted)

Insert a row.

Find the Text module and open it.

You’ll find two tabs – Visual, and Text.

Click the Text tab and you’ll see a database icon with a plus mark if you hover your cursor below the tab heading Text.

Click on the database icon.

Select the custom text field you want to pull.

Save data and style it with Divi.

For more information about Divi dynamic data, please read the official documentation.

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