Zion builder

How to use ACPT with Zion builder

ACPT supports Zion Builder as a dynamic data provider.

This tutorial will show you how to use ACPT meta fields with Zion Builder.

Step 1. Create the "Property" custom post type

Create is a CPT called "Property" with some meta fields:

  • image (Image)

  • phone (Phone)

  • email (Email)

  • services (List)

Move to the Step 2.

Step 2. Create new property posts

Let's populate some property posts.

Be sure to populate all the meta fields like this:

Now, let's play with Zion Builder.

Step 3. Create the single property page

Create a template for a single property with Zion.

Now, you can use ACPT to display dynamic data in every textual, link, or image element.

For the textual block, you can choose one of those specialized fields:

  • ACPT Date field

  • ACPT Icon field

  • ACPT List field

  • ACPT Textual field

  • ACPT Time field

  • ACPT UOM field

  • ACPT Video field

Every field has several dedicated options to control the rendering of the textual element.

In our example, we selected the List field, which can be displayed as a list or as a simple string:

Go ahead and play with other fields, for example, add the email and the phone number as links:

Step 4. Create the archive property page

Do the same thing with the archive property template.

In this example, we use the image field:


Now you know to pull dynamic data from ACPT and display it on Zion builder!

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