Repeater field

How to use the repeater field

The repeater field allows the user to create repeatable blocks of fields.

Have a look at the Repeater field's specific options:

Leading field

Represent the field that will be used when a repeater block is collapsed.


Every repeater field can be displayed layout.

Three different layouts are available:

  • Row - the most expansive available layout, the default one

  • Block - similar to row but more compact

  • Table - the most compact layout, every repeater element is a table row

Take a brief glance at the three layouts here:

Field columns

A 6-column grid is used.

For example, if you want to display two repeaters in a row, choose 2.

Minimum elements required

The minimum number of repeaters required. If this number is not matched, the field will not be saved.

Maximum elements allowed

The maximum number of repeaters allowed. If this number is exceeded, the field will not be saved.

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