Rank Math

How to use ACPT with Rank Math SEO tool

ACPT is fully integrated with Rank Math SEO tool.

How to use ACPT fields in the Snippet Editor

Use this syntax to include ACPT fields in SEO snippets:


Where {box} and {field} are respectively the box and field slugs.

Let's say, for example, we have a field inside a meta box called meta. The snippet to be used will be:


This is the final result:

Supported field types

The supported field types are:

  • Checkbox

  • Currency

  • Date

  • Date Range

  • Date time

  • Email

  • Length

  • List

  • Phone

  • Relational

  • Post

  • Post multiple

  • Radio

  • Rating

  • Select

  • Select multiple

  • Term

  • Term multiple

  • Text

  • Textarea

  • Time

  • Weight

  • Url

  • User

  • User multiple

Optional arguments

It is possible to pass an argument to the snippet:


Date format

Date and time field types allow the date format. Example:


String separator

Checkbox, List and Select multiple field types support string separator (the default separator is ,). Example:


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