Bricks builder

Learn how to use Bricks builder with ACPT

ACPT offers a complete integration with Bricks Builder and can be used as a dynamic data source.

Before start: set up Bricks for your custom post types

The first thing you need to do is to enable Bricks for your new custom post types.

From the Bricks menu, go to Settings, then to the Builder tab:

Then, scroll down and turn on all the settings you find under 'Dynamic Data':

Once you have created the new custom post type, it will appear in the WordPress dashboard menu on the left.

When you see the menu for the new post type 'Property' is there,

Go to Bricks settings.

Go to the 'General' tab, turn the toggle on, and register the new custom post type.

Also at this time turn on both options related to 'Gutenberg data'. This will increase flexibility in your workflow.

Save changes.

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Learn how to use ACPT with Bricks:

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