Relational fields block

The Relational fields block

Use this block to display your on the Gutenberg editor.

Once you create the block, select the field.

Depending on the field, you need to select a template.

Example: a Post field type

For a Post field type, you have the following choices:

  • Title and excerpt - display only the title (as h3) and excerpt

  • Title and image - display only the title (as h3) and thumbnail

  • Title, image, and excerpt - display title (as h3), thumbnail, and excerpt

  • Only title - display only title (as p)

  • Only link - display only the title as a link

Select the more complex template (Title, image, and excerpt).

Now open up the document elements tree to check out the block structure:

You'll notice a wrapper with one column with three nested blocks inside (title, image, and paragraph).

You can change and style every block as long as you need it.

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