Working with FSE

Working with Full Site Editing

ACPT fields can be used in Full Site Editing, as well as in the normal post-editor mode.

The main difference here is that in FSE mode, all ACPT fields are available (instead of specific post-related fields).

In this article, we will briefly review ACPT field usage in three common templates.

For this article, we will use the Twenty Fourteen theme.

Archive post type template

Use ACPT blocks inside a post loop:

In this case, you'll see the rendered value in the editor.

Single post type template

Use a basic ACPT block in a post template:

In this case, the preview of the element is not available, because of lack of context.

Single term template

Use ACPT block in a term template, for example, the default WordPress category:

In this case, ACPT is capable to extract the context and returns the preview of renderer element.

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