Build a real estate website

In this tutorial, we'll use Breakdance to build a simple real estate website.

Step 1. Create a new CPT called "property"

First, create a new custom post type called "property".

Once the new post type is created, go ahead and create 3 basic meta fields:

  • gallery (Gallery)

  • owner_email (Email)

  • address (Text)

Move to the Step 2.

Step 2. Create new property posts

Of course, now you need to populate some property posts.

Be sure to populate all the meta fields like this:

Step 3. Create the property archive page

Now create a new template for the property archive page. You can create a custom page or a new Breakdance Template, is totally up to you.

Now, use the Post Loop Builder to loop the property posts. Go and create a global block.

First, insert the title and excerpt.

Now let's add the Address field from ACPT.

Create a text block and click on the Dynamic data icon. A popup opens:

Now select the Address field from the menu. That's it, every post in the loop has its dynamic meta field.

This is the final result:

Step 4. Create the property single page

Now we need a template for the property single page. You can edit a single property page or create a new Breakdance Template. Again, this is totally up to you.

First, insert the title and the content.

Below add the two columns section. In the first one add the Address field as did before. In the second one, add the email:

Finally, below the columns section, add a gallery block:

Now, you can click the dynamic data icon and select the Gallery field from ACPT.

Select the desired layout and voilà! are good to go!

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