Validation rules

How to use the validation rules

First of all, click on the "Add Rule" button. A new condition row appears:


A validation rule has several inputs:

  • The operator

  • The value

  • The error message

Let's see in detail.

The operator

The allowed options are:

  • equals to

  • is not equal to

  • is less than

  • is greater than

  • is less than or equal to

  • is greater than or equal to

  • is empty

  • is not empty

The value

If the operator is not:

  • is empty

  • is not empty

the value field is required.

The value can be numeric or string.

The error message

Every validation rule needs an error message.

When the operator changes, the error message default value will change consequently.

The placeholder string {{v}} represents the input value, and should not be touched.

Basic example

Suppose you have a number field and want to force its value to be greater than 30.

In case of the input validation fails, the error message will be:

Value is lower than or equal to 30

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